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When You Contact Us

  • It is our goal to respond to all inquiries (phone, web, or email) within one business day.

  • On the phone, we will take the time to learn about your project and will ask a series of questions to help better understand your needs. We will discuss the reasons you contacted us, determine if we can be of assistance, and answer your questions as completely as possible without having seen your home.

  • After discussing the work and answering your questions, we will determine whether we are able to assist you with the project and when.

  • We will schedule a mutually-agreeable appointment for a FREE, on-site consultation.

Your In-Home Consultation

  • We will listen to your project ideas and wants & needs. We will ask questions about how you use your home and about your lifestyle.

  • We will study the area of your home that is being considered for remodeling and take any needed measurements.

  • Shortly after the consultation, you will receive an estimated project cost range. There is no charge to receive an estimate.

If You Choose Us

  • Once you choose Tommy's Custom Woodworks & Remodeling as your contractor of choice, we will sit down with you in person to talk in even further detail about the project, including material choices and an initial overview of the schedule of the project.

During Construction

  • During construction, we will monitor every phase of the process. Should unforeseen delays or conditions arise, we will provide you with updates, options and a variety of solutions so that we can remain on track as we move toward our goals.

  • Periodically throughout the construction process, we will ask for feedback on how the project is going and if there are any changes that need to be made.

Final Details

  • Upon completion of your project, we will schedule a final walk-through, address any questions or concerns that you have and explain how we will handle any future problems that might arise.

Please note that all projects are unique, and the process listed above are the general guidelines that we follow. Your experience may differ slightly from the process below depending on the intricacies of your project.

Tommy's Custom Woodworks & Remodeling is a trusted friend and advisor to clients throughout our area. Home improvements, major renovations, home additions, custom woodwork, and outdoor spaces are made possible through our commitment to quality. 

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